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Consumer Genie Forum

Welcome to the Consumer Genie Forum

The forum is a great opportunity to find out what issues other consumers are facing, and can be used to post questions and answers on any consumer issues.

Consumer Genie takes no liability for any information posted on the forum except for where Consumer Genie has posted a comment, or answer.  Therefore you should not rely on any information posted by forum users.

Consumer Genie is under no obligation to respond to postings.

Consumer Genie will not read all postings and if you feel that anything posted is inappropriate or offensive then please contact  In order for us to find the relevant posting please include a link to the posting.

As Consumer Genie can be held liable for information posted on its website, we can delete any postings that we feel  are incorrect, defamatory or cause offence to others.  Consumer Genie has the absolute discretion to remove or refuse to publish any forum posting without giving any explanation to the author.

Consumer Genie will also remove any posts that do not relate to consumer issues.

Forum Rules

All postings must relate to consumer issues only

All postings must be made by consumers not acting in a course of business, and in relations to goods and services paid for as consumers.

The information given by Consumer Genie will presume that the posting is from a consumer who has purchased goods and services and therefore it will not apply to businesses or sellers/suppliers of goods or services.

Postings must not be inappropriate in any way – this includes the statements being made and the language being used.  If any forum user is found to post anything inappropriate or offensive then Consumer Genie reserves the right to remove the posting, and to refuse future access to the forum – with or without reason.

Businesses of any kind are not allowed to use the site to advertise in any shape or form or to request information from the users of the site.

You will allow Consumer Genie to use the information posted for marketing purposes, as content and/or case studies on the site.

Please also refer to the General Terms and Conditions as you will be bound by these also when using the forum.

How do I post a question on the forum?

You need to register for a free account, you can click here to register, you will need to enter a username and your email (we will never share your details!), once you have registered you will receive an email containing your password and you will be able to login, once logged in visit this forum page and you will able to take part by posting questions and get involved with other topics.  Please refer to our Privacy Policy.



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