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Why use Consumer Genie

If you sell goods or provide a service, then you need to be aware of the consumer protection that exists to your customers.

We live in a time when consumer service is key and bad news travels faster than ever with the growing use of the internet.  My years of experience working with one of the country’s leading consumer organisations, speaking to consumers who have legal issues, has demonstrated to me that firms, big and small, misunderstand the law, and even try to defend the indefendable.

Getting it wrong costs time, money and reputation. So make sure you get it right first time, and every time.

Consumer Genie can attend your offices or arrange venues to offer tailor made training sessions to suit your needs.  The sessions can last from 1 hour to 1 day, for small to large groups. and are full of examples, delivered in a fun, interactive format.

Training is a cost effective way of dealing with consumer complaints: if a consumer has a genuine claim, then dealing with it correctly will extend the consumer experience and satisfaction afforded to your customers.

We can also offer training to other organisations, giving the most up to date consumer advice.

If you would like to discuss your needs and/or would like a quotation please contact us at or use our Contact Us section.