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Email Advice

Email Advice Terms and Conditions

Consumer Genie will provide you with a tailor made answer to your consumer query.

You can chose from the following:

  • Summary Advice.  This is based on your providing a short question or summary of facts in no more than 250 words, and we will provide an answer in no more than 500 words.  The cost of this service is £9.50.
  • Detailed Advice.  This is based on your providing to us a summary of your consumer query in no more than 1200 words, and we will provide the answer in no more than 1200 words.  The cost of this service is £17.50

To obtain Email Advice you must complete an Application Form which asks you for details of the party against whom you have a complaint, and for a summary of the legal issue.

We aim to respond to your email as soon as possible but you should allow up to 7 working days for us to deal with your query.  All replies will be from a qualified lawyer.

We will not have access to previous emails and therefore if you use either service on more than one occasion you will still need to give a summary of the facts and details of any action taken by you so far.

Attachments will not be accepted.

When can Consumer Genie Help?

Our lawyers can advise you if you have purchased or supplied goods or service in England and Wales.

We can also advise you if you have purchased personal goods or services from overseas using a credit card registered in the UK.

When Consumer Genie Cannot Help

Our lawyers will not be able to advise you in relation to:

  1. Any issues that do not relate to a consumer purchase or sale;;
  2. Where you have purchased goods overseas and have not used a credit card;
  3. In respect of Timeshare Agreements;
  4. In respect of any solicitor’s negligence or personal injury claims;
  5. Where a conflict of interest exists.  It would be rare for a conflict of interest to arise however, if this is the case we will explain this to you at the time (but we will not necessarily give you full details if it means breaching privacy or personal information of another user).
  6. We cannot advise in respect of goods and services that form part of a statutory obligation (for example, Council Tax or HMLR taxes).
  7. In respect of matters falling outside of England and Wales.
  8. In relation to any aspect of criminal law.

We reserve the absolute discretion not to reply to a query and this may be with our without reason. If we do this, we will offer you a full refund.

What Consumer Genie can do for me

Consumer Genie will provide you with advice and/or practical guidance on how the law relates to your personal issue, and what steps you may be able to take to seek redress.  How much information we will be able to give you will depend on what level of advice you seek from us.

The advice given will be up to a maximum of the word limit set by us, but will be relevant in length to the question.  This means that our answer may be shorter than the word count but no refund will be given under those circumstances.

What Consumer Genie Cannot do for me

We will not:

  • Contact another party on your behalf.
  • Help you if we do not believe that there is no legal case to answer.
  • Review any previous advice given by us.

If you need more proactive assistance i.e. writing of letters, drafting documents etc, please contact us at


We aim to provide you with tailored information for your use in trying to resolve your dispute.  If you are unhappy with any aspect of our advice then please contact us and will provide you with a copy of our complaints procedure.  As our lawyers are regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority, if you are unhappy with our response then you may take the matter to the Legal Services Ombudsman.


Payment for the service is made via paypal.  You do not need to have a paypal account, and payment can be made via debit or credit card.  If payment is not received by us within 15 minutes of your appointment time then the appointment will be declined.


You have 14 days in which to cancel this contract but as we aim to provide our services within 7 working days after receiving your Application Form, you consent to our completing the contract within the cancellation period and understand that, if work has commenced within the cancellation period, you may not obtain a full refund.

If you do cancel the contract after work has started you understand and agree that we will charge for any part of the service that we have delivered up to the point of cancellation.  We will provide you with any advice prepared as evidence to show that the work has been undertaken.  If you have been sent the advice within the cancellation period and cancel thereafter you agree and understand that you will not be entitled to a refund.

If you wish to cancel the contract please either use the Contact Us, email us at or or complete the Cancellation Form and send it to us.

If you cancel the agreement before any work has been completed we will provide a full refund within 14 days of the date of cancellation.