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  • Buying Goods

    Buying Goods

    Every day we enter into contracts without even thinking about it – when we buy ... Read More »
  • Buying Goods Online

    Buying Goods Online

    Every time you shop on the internet you are entering into a contract, and if ... Read More »
  • Phones & Broadband

    Phones & Broadband

    When you enter into a contract for broadband or telephone services, the provider must comply ... Read More »
  • Holidays


    For most holidays that you book, whether it is in a travel agents or on-line, ... Read More »
  • Services


    The types of service we use may use online vary from ordering a take-away, to ... Read More »
  • Utilities


    From 13th June 2014 if you enter into a contract for gas or electricity (or ... Read More »