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For most holidays that you book, whether it is in a travel agents or on-line, you will not have any cooling off period. If you book a hotel and flights together, then in most cases any claim you have will fall under the Package Travel Regulations.  If you purchase them separately, then you will have to claim against then separately ... Read More »

Phones & Broadband

When you enter into a contract for broadband or telephone services, the provider must comply with the Supply of Goods and Services Act, and the Consumer Contracts Regulations. If you purchase a mobile phone then any claim you have if it becomes faulty will be under the Sale of Goods Act.  If you purchase a mobile phone as part of a service ... Read More »

Buying Goods Online

Buying Goods online or on the phone

Every time you shop on the internet you are entering into a contract, and if you order goods by telephone or fax or other means without even meeting the seller, you are entering into a contract. When you buy online, the Sale of Goods Act applies and goods must be as described, of satisfactory quality and fit for their purpose.  ... Read More »

Buying Goods

Buying Goods

Every day we enter into contracts without even thinking about it – when we buy the papers, shopping, eating out or taking a taxi.  This is because contracts do not have to be in writing in order for them to be binding.  In most cases, all that is needed is: An offer; and An acceptance; and Consideration – money or ... Read More »

Why use Consumer Genie

If you sell goods or provide a service, then you need to be aware of the consumer protection that exists to your customers. We live in a time when consumer service is key and bad news travels faster than ever with the growing use of the internet.  My years of experience working with one of the country’s leading consumer organisations, ... Read More »