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      Over the phone Vodaphone agreed to pay me compensation of £210 directly into my account, but have now put it as a credit on the account – can I demand they pay me directly?

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      The Consumer Genie will be along shortly, but pro tem… it sounds prima facie that they have done what they said they would – paid it to your account – telephone account, and if you agreed to this as settlement, you may have closed your option for cash settlement. If you are *sure* they were explicit they were going to credit your bank account, you have a case. This my opinion – Consumer Genie will give you a better steer.

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      Hi Pippa
      If it was specifically agreed that the money would be given to you, rather than as a credit, then they are in breach of contract. You should raise a formal complaint about the breach of contract however, there may be difficulties in taking the matter further if you have not suffered any actual financial loss as a result of that breach.

      The above advice is limited to the fact given and does not substitute the taking of formal legal advice

Viewing 2 reply threads
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