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      Hi. My virgin provider keeps pushing for me to have an upgrade on my package however I’m really very happy with the one I have. They have said that the service might be limited due to the upgrades going on. … my box is very old. I pay my bills on time but I don’t want to upgrade do I have any rights or is it just one of those things and I’d be best to shop around thank you

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      Hi Jellybean
      Whatever you decide, it is always worth shopping around when a contract comes to an end to see who has the best products and services on offer, and there are generally good savings to be had as a new customer. You do not have to upgrade if you do not wish to – it is a matter of choice. If you do start getting a limited service, you may be able to force Virgin to upgrade free of charge if they cannot provide the service you are paying for. If you keep getting calls from them after you have said you do not want to upgrade, tell them you want to file a formal complaint and follow the complaints procedure.

      The advice set out above is limited to the information you have provided and is not a substitute for taking full legal advice. Consumer Genie

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