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Piece of glass in Starbucks coffee bottle.

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      Hi,I came across unusual issue but hopping to get some advice here.
      I bought Starbucks coffee in the bottle at Tesco, my wife drunk it using straw and
      found piece of glass in it. Likely glass stopped on her tounge and she didn’t swallow it. Now, we made Starbucks aware of the issue via email and they advised us to contact “Arla” a company that produced their coffee. In response I wrote to Starbucks about my disappointment knowing there is a safety issue and that I am not interested to contact Arla as coffee we bought it’s Starbucks coffee. Only after that Starbucks ask as to send bottle and piece of glass to them. Could you please advice us on the issue.
      Greatly appreciate Andrew.

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      Dear Andrewg

      It has long been established that a manufacturer owes a duty of care to those persons who it is reasonable to assume will be affected by its actions. In your matter, any claim could be brought against the manufacturer of the drink in negligence, and against Tesco in contract.
      However, I am sorry to say that from a legal perspective, there would be no claim unless the glass actually caused in injury.
      I would still inform Tesco of the issue as they may be willing to make a payment as a gesture of goodwill

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