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      Going on holiday next. I’ve been paying got it for over a year. Now I’m being advised that the hotel is going out of business and so they have selected another hotel. It has all the facilities of the other hotel but I had booked as hotel that was a 4 star and it had just been upgraded to a 5 star just after I had booked it.
      The hotel we are being moved to is a three star. I’m arguing for a 5 star but what’s my rights I really want what I’ve paid for. Ta

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      Hi Jennybean

      What you can expect will depend on whether this was a package holiday or if you booked the hotel independently. If this is a package holiday then the tour operator should give you the opportunity to cancel free of charge, take the lower grade and offer compensation, or offer a higher grade hotel free of charge. You may also be able to claim compensation.
      If you booked independently, you have a contract for the service booked and if you agree a downgrade, do so under protest so that you can claim the difference in cost (and possibly compensation when you return). Whether you cancel will be a personal choice as you may not be able to get the money back for any other parts of the holiday, such as flights.

      The advice set out above is limited to the information provided and is not a substitute for taking full legal advice. Consumer Genie.

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