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      Read about how the law protects you and ensures you are not treated unfairly by a company.  Know your rights, including how to complain successfully and get the redress you deserve.
      Topics in this Forum should cover…


      • Returns policies
      • Taking back faulty goods
      • How to protect yourself when buying goods overseas
      • The added protection you get when you pay for goods by credit card
      • How to complain to get results
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      I bought a new phone and the chip has arrived and the phone has not, o2 say that the phone has been delivered and signed for but I don’t have it, what can I do?

      many thanks


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      My suggestion: Ask to see a copy of the signature for a start – and ask them to confirm the address to which they sent the phone. Suggest they put a block on the phone and supply you with a new one, and confirm that from your perspective the contract start has yet to occur.

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